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We Provide High-quality Base Operations
Base Operations


BAARAAN LLC exists to provide high-quality Base Operations and Logistics Support to our customers. BAARAAN LLC has successfully implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements detailed in the ISO 9001:2022 standard. We provide a systematic approach to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our team of professionals brings technical expertise from both the military and industry and is globally responsive to our customer requirements. We are a new established private company government contractor focused on the health, welfare, and safety of our employees, stakeholders, clients, and the U.S. military. We are capable of providing smart, economical solutions for even the toughest projects with quality and integrity that produce mission success.



BAARAAN LLC is a private -owned company which operates principally in the DOD market by providing superior logistics services, at an economical value, without ever compromising its core values of quality, ethics, and social responsibility.


BAARAAN LLC is established to provide expert logistics management resources to meet our client’s challenges. BAARAAN LLC’s goal is to lead the global marketplace in the production of quality logistics solutions by strategic use of resources, development and implementation of automation systems, and training for 21st century technology.


Solid corporate governance policies include ethical behavior as an integral part of compliance programs. Treating employees and other stakeholders fairly is an essential part of BAARAAN LLC’s success over almost a year. A well-managed program is in the best interest of everyone we encounter – not just for our clients but also our shareowners, employees, and other business partners who work together with us.


At BAARAAN LLC, we regard safety and health as our number one priority and are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all our employees and customers. Our safety culture resonates throughout our company – from the highest positions in leadership to our on-site project employees. By empowering all employees to stop potentially unsafe acts, we ensure and maintain a safe work environment for all.


Aghamirza Fazel

President & CEO Former U.S defense contractor, cultural advisor to the assistant secretary of defense supported U.S missions in Afghanistan and Europe…

John D. Wiebe

Vice President of Operations CONUS. Proudly retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel in 2018. His 35 years of service has been in the highest commands of the…

Mushtaq A. Habibi

Vice President of Operations OCONUS. He is also the CEO and Owner of Fox Construction, Afghanistan. His friends call him Habibi…

Cosette M. Wiebe
(aka Cozy)

Director, Marketing & Human Resources. Wife to John, Cozy has worked-in and was owner and CEO of Rest Assured, Inc. She owned that…


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